A downloadable game for Windows

a re-creation of Serenity from the show Firefly, fully explorable in VR.

hold the trigger on the controller to interact with any highlighted object.

hold and release the trackpad on the controller to teleport.

Install instructions

you need a VR headset with controllers to run the game, any HMD with SteamVR support should work.


serenity-vr-win.zip 1 GB
Version 1 Apr 16, 2018


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This looks amazing.  Is there any way to explore it without VR though?

Thanks, I am planing on doing a non VR  version pretty soon, hopefully before the end of the year.

Wonderful news.  Thanks for letting me know, Kaveh.

I am also a long time Unity developer and have always had a dream to make a walkthrough like this. I am not much of a modeler, but can do coding and other Unity stuff.

Have you considered collaborating with someone on this? I would love to get involved.

I don't have any VR gear, and work on Mac, so I can't run this sim out of the box. I would love to get the Unity project so I could run it on my mac in the editor at least.


Hi Kaveh! Have you ever thought about putting this model into Sansar? I only ask because that way multiple people would be able to visit at the same time.

Anyhow, amazing work!   ͡° ◡ ͡°


thanks, I'll look into it.

Great! I am also Kaylee West in Sansar if you ever want to look me up  ͡° ◡ ͡°

+1 for Sansar.... Even better if it's on the Store... I'd pay any amount to have a copy in my private retreat.


I put on the sound track in the background. Immediately began to tear up when I found myself on the bridge. I was finally there.

There are some great little details hidden throughout! Not so much easter eggs as fine touches, like the toilet.

I was legitimately scared when the reaver track came on, though.


This is freaking amazing ! :D


Brilliant job! Looks great


The detail on this is wonderful. Truly made by a fan-- was so excited to find Wash's dinosaurs and the cans with all the labels ripped off by River :D


It's beautiful!! great work


Cool nice work, will definately check this out.


Awesome x3


Thank you!!