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This looks amazing.  Is there any way to explore it without VR though?

Thanks, I am planing on doing a non VR  version pretty soon, hopefully before the end of the year.

Wonderful news.  Thanks for letting me know, Kaveh.

I am also a long time Unity developer and have always had a dream to make a walkthrough like this. I am not much of a modeler, but can do coding and other Unity stuff.

Have you considered collaborating with someone on this? I would love to get involved.

I don't have any VR gear, and work on Mac, so I can't run this sim out of the box. I would love to get the Unity project so I could run it on my mac in the editor at least.


Hi Kaveh! Have you ever thought about putting this model into Sansar? I only ask because that way multiple people would be able to visit at the same time.

Anyhow, amazing work!   ͡° ◡ ͡°


thanks, I'll look into it.

Great! I am also Kaylee West in Sansar if you ever want to look me up  ͡° ◡ ͡°

+1 for Sansar.... Even better if it's on the Store... I'd pay any amount to have a copy in my private retreat.


I put on the sound track in the background. Immediately began to tear up when I found myself on the bridge. I was finally there.

There are some great little details hidden throughout! Not so much easter eggs as fine touches, like the toilet.

I was legitimately scared when the reaver track came on, though.


This is freaking amazing ! :D


Brilliant job! Looks great


The detail on this is wonderful. Truly made by a fan-- was so excited to find Wash's dinosaurs and the cans with all the labels ripped off by River :D


It's beautiful!! great work


Cool nice work, will definately check this out.


Awesome x3


Thank you!!